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Durable Pencil Case Eternal Recursion #1

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This colorful pencil case will hold all of your essential pens, flash drives, and small cables with lifetime durability. You are guaranteed to get compliments from everyone who notices your new gorgeous pencil case. The colors cheer up your life and the lives of everyone around you.

The Eternal Recursion algorithm, designed by Alexander Rafalovich, uses advanced graphic processing run for multiple years to generate detailed, colorful, and intricate designs reaching a level of detail pattern makers have been attempting to reach for centuries. The algorithm started in 2017 with a blank image, layering it on top of itself with minor variations in tinting and blending effects. The algorithm then uses the resulting image as an input to the next cycle, creating an infinitely increasing degree of colorful complexity over time.

Durable nylon fabric, 8.27" long x 2.16" wide.